Thursday, November 17, 2011

How to avoid being frail as you age.

Recent research has provided much about exercise & aging for athletes and regular people. Avoid being frail as you age:

With normal western cultural behavior, muscle mass decreases with each decade after 40. In addition, fat infiltrates the muscle making it weaker. Research is showing a large body of evidence that we need not suffer the consequences of this if we are proactive. We must tone our muscles to prevent this weakening. If we do, we will not be as frail as elders and we will avoid nursing homes and other losses of freedom and independence. The most frequent cause of entry to a nursing home is a fall which breaks a hip. Research shows that exercise and muscle development can be done at any age to improve this situation and build the muscles. Also, exercise that is weight bearing (many types) prevents bone loss protecting against bone frailty. Of course proper nutrition over time is necessary as well. If you let your muscles go, you are more likely to fall as your balance is better with more muscle. Balance exercises help, toning exercise helps, a good diet helps. I have helped many a client prevent disease, get off medicines by improving their health, and protect their future health.



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